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Title: Pinky Promise 1: Seishun Amigo

Author: [ profile] gina84 

Pairing: Jin x OC, KamePi/Pin friendship (Akame from the next chap)

Rating: PG13 (not sure, some kissing scenes...)

Disclaimer: In my dreams I can own anything... otherwise they belong to each other

Summary: They made a promise. But as time goes by will they be able to keep it?

Warning: My first Akame fic + my first fic written in English ever


1. Seishun Amigo



Yes, back then we thought we had everything,
in the city that we arrived at
Yes, we abandoned our hometown to follow our big dreams
we lived smiling about that
we dreamt that we were going to chase the future together,
without anything changing from this point on


End of October 2005, Shooting of Seishun Amigo PV


To be honest, this wasn’t exactly like what he used to imagine it would be. The set was rather simple, with only a fence and a pile of wooden boxes and then there was a dance floor. Before every shot the director explained then what to do, where to look, the choreographer told them how to move. There was no place for their own ideas or intentions. They had been shooting two day in a row and sometimes they had to repeat one shot three or four times which was more than tiresome with all the dancing numbers included. Said like this, making PV for the main theme of a drama wasn’t as enjoyable as making the drama itself. But it was a work after all, it wasn’t supposed to be fun. If it was, he usually took it as a bonus.


All the cameras were off at the moment and the director was giving instructions to the staff before the start of the last shots.


Kamenashi Kazuya was quietly sitting on the top of the boxes, thankful for everybody around him being busy and not paying him any attention. From his place he could see Yamapi joking around, making his “kon-kon” motion all the time and singing random parts of Seishun Amigo in a grotesque high-pitched voice, like he was still in his role of Akira. It seemed Yamapi was really enjoying the fact of being there, shooting the PV and everything. He was relaxed and self-confident with what he was doing in front of cameras.


For Kame it was different. This was, actually, his very first PV making. And very first single as well. At one moment he was just filming another drama and at the other one, not knowing how exactly it happened, he was debuting as a part of the temporally band called Shuji to Akira. And a part of him was happy about it, he had been dreaming about this moment since the day he had entered Johnny’s.


But in his dreams it wasn’t Shuji debuting with Akira, it always was Kamenashi Kazuya debuting with his band KAT-TUN. In his dreams there were Koki and Tuguchi, Nakamaru and Ueda around him. There was Jin. Yes, Jin was always there because Kame couldn’t imagine doing something that important without his best friend.


Telling Jin he was going to debut without the band was the hardest thing Kame had ever done in his whole life. Of course Jin was mad, Kame could see his anger written in his face. Jin pressed his lips together and his eyes darkened. He didn’t say a word and left the dressing room, leaving Kame with guilty expression and unspoken imputation.




That was so Akanishi Jin.


Take it or leave it.


Kame tried to assure himself there was no need to feel guilty because the whole thing wasn’t his fault. He understood Jin’s feelings, of course he did, but Jin should understand his in return. Jin acted like there was other option for Kame than to debut. There wasn’t and Jin should know it best! After all it was he who said, and not only once, that they were like puppets, doing exactly what they were said to do and when. No place for exceptions.


Their whole life was like this PV making. They were told what to do and they did it. Because if they didn’t they could easily end up like Yamapi’s band mate Hiroki Uchi.


“You!” Yamapi pointed his index finger at Kame. “You are doing it again, right?”


Kame shook his head. He didn’t notice Yamapi had come to him across the whole set and was now closely watching him. His loud words surprised Kame and he tried to get rid of his previous thoughts.


“Doing what?”


“Too much thinking is not good for your health. And for this PV either, the director wants to talk to you,” Yamapi grinned. “You seemed you didn’t hear him calling you so I offered…”


“What? Why?” Kame jerked out turning his head to the corner where the director was carefully watching the monitor, checking the completed scenes. “What did he say?”


“Shuji is in trouble. Kon-”


“Not funny, Pi.”


Yamapi smiled at Kame’s back as Kame hurried to the director. He didn’t understand why was Kame so serious all of sudden. From Yamapi’s point of view there wasn’t a big difference between shooting a drama and a PV, and during filming Nobuta Kame was all hyper and in a good mood most of the time. What happened to him? Yamapi shrugged his shoulders and looked at his palm, slightly tipping his thumb with middle finger and ring finger. “You, too, think it actually was funny, right?” he asked his fingers. “Kon-kon.”


To Kame’s relief it turned out Yamapi was exaggerating as always, most probably to tease Kame. The talk was only about the last shot, with Kame singing in front of a brick wall. After all those dancing scenes, this one was calm and the camera was panning him at close range so he had to concentrate on his facial expression carefully. And he tried, really… but –




Kame blinked, not sure what happened and why did somebody shout when he was still in the middle of his solo part but then he found himself being totally taken by the boy who had just entered the studio, and Kame realized he ruined the shot. He didn’t look into the camera as he was supposed to do; his eyes subconsciously followed the said boy who was now talking to Yamapi.


“Sumimasen,” Kame apologized with his head lightly bowed. “Can we do it once more?” And this time he tried his best to ignore Yamapi’s and Jin’s laugh.


Why didn’t Pi tell him? Why didn’t he tell him Jin was coming today?




“Kame! Hey, Kame!” Yamapi called and waved at Kame who was trying to disappear in the dressing room without being spotted. With a sigh he went to Yamapi, not risking to look into Jin’s face.


He was pretty sure Jin was still mad. What he wasn’t sure at all, whether Jin would forgive him someday.


As soon as Kame joined them Yamapi clapped him on the back. “Congratulations Kame-chan! Your first PV shooting is officially over. Wanna celebrate it?”


Kame stuck his gaze to the floor. “It’s not a big deal, really.” And he regretted what he said, immediately, because of Jin’s grin. Kame tensely bit his lip. “I mean… um… it was just another day in front of cameras, wasn’t it?”


But there was nothing to stop Yamapi from spending the night at a club. With the final shot he put his Akira-mask aside and now he was all himself again. Ready for clubbing, drinking and whatever else the night Tokyo would offer. And for some reason he wanted Kame to go too, most probably he was tired of that stupid argument between Kame and Jin and he wanted them to reconcile. Since the company announced the release of the Seishun Amigo single and Jin and Kame stopped talking to each other – well, Jin stopped talking to Kame – Jin wasn’t the best companion anymore. And Yamapi missed the old Jin very much. The new one was… well, the new one was just pitiful.


“Stop kidding me, Kame-chan. We are going to a club and you are going with us,” Yamapi pouted, ignoring Jin’s disapproving look. “You deserve a celebration and your so-called-best-friend Bakanishi will do his best not to ruin it, right?” He gave Jin the brightest smile ever, telling him non-verbally there was no way for Jin to back off now.


“Whatever,” Jin mumbled. “Can we go now?”


“Hai,” Kame nodded quickly because the situation started to be uncomfortable, more than it was a second ago if it was even possible.


Yamapi chuckled. “Eh, Kame? Your clothes, you should change first. We will wait outside.”


Kame blushed. He was so nervous of Jin’s presence he completely forgot he was still wearing Shuji’s school uniform. He turned and rushed to the dressing room.


When Kame disappeared from their sight, Jin gave Yamapi one of those killing looks. “What the hell, Pi?” he unleashed his temper. “That was so insidious, even for you! You are supposed to be my friend! Mine! And you know I’m not talking to that traitor!”


“Just because you are baka, dumbass.”




Yamapi folded arms on his chest. “Yes, you are, Jin. You really don’t get it? You don’t see how hard he tries to prove you he didn’t want to do this, though I think it’s ridiculous? I mean we all entered Johnny’s because of this moment. We all dreamed about our debut back then. But Kame is different, Jin, he would throw it all away without a wink if he could, just because you are not a part of it.”


“None of that changes the fact he debuted.”


Without KAT-TUN.


Without me.


“Pig-headed as always.”


Jin rolled his eyes. “This conversation is meaningless. Can we go now, please? I’m pretty sure I need a drink. More than one.” In fact he was planning to get drunk as soon as they would enter the club and then he would ball the very first hot girl around and let her to fuck his brain out of his head. And then, maybe, this damn nightmare would be over.


Kame joined them in front of the studio. He could sense something had happened but he was afraid to ask.




The club was dark and overcrowd; a mess of colors, voices and sounds, the dancefloor shining under the flickering neon lights, sweating bodies moving jiggle in the rhythm of the loud music, girls in close-fitting shirts and short skirts, guys with obvious thoughts written in their faces. And all of them possessed by jerky, thumping beat.


Jin’s heartbeat was captured at the very moment they entered and it merged in the well-known and loved rhytm. This was exactly what he needed, his head clarified immediately as he recognized familiar lyrics of the song.


He smiled at a waitress and she smiled back, her eyes provocatively locked with Jin’s. Yamapi sighed, sure what the look meant. And Jin’s expression only confirmed the guess. The couple had their history.


The waitress took them into one of the VIP boxes next to the dancefloor, from where they could saw everything. Jin ordered beers for Yamapi and himself, Kame asked for a juice.


Yamapi and Jin chatted for a while. Every now and then Yamapi tried to draw Kame into the conversation too but every time Kame spoke Jin turned his head away demonstrating his lack of interest in anything Kame would say.


“Here we are again,” Yamapi marked, watching Jin falling into the music and having his gaze fixed to the dancefloor. “Why I’m not surprised with your choice for tonight?”


“’Cause this is the best club in the city? You’ve never complained before. And correct me if I’m wrong but it was you who wanted to celebrate tonight so like you said, here we are. Let’s have some fun.” He raised his beer bottle to a girl who was dancing on the edge of the dancefloor nearest to them, giving Jin those looks, those upward glances of invitation. Jin took another sip of his drink, then put the bottle on the table and stood up. “Pi?” he asked, ignoring Kame completely.


Yamapi quickly looked at Kame and shook his head. “This one is yours.”


“Your loss.”


Jin walked down to the floor and the girl promptly joined him, wrapping her arms around his neck she leaned close and whispered something into his ear. Jin answered her, his lips nearly kissing her. He put hands on her hips, their bodies followed the beat in unison.


The other dancers made space for them, eying the couple with evident envy. There was this blonde Caucasian girl with lips inviting to kiss them and sparkling eyes, her every move was like sex itself and she was acting like she knew it. And there was this dark-haired guy who engrossed everyone’s concern just by coming to the dancefloor. His posture, his flowing moves, the imploring glance in his dark eyes.


They fitted to each other perfectly.


Jin’s hands were rubbing her swaying slender hips and when the song changed to a slow one he pulled the girl closer to him. Their eyes locked. Her fingers were gently slipping in Jin’s wavy hair, caressing them. She parted her lips a little, just to let out a muffled moan as she felt Jin’s hands on her butt and his groin against hers, and that was enough for Jin to lower his head and kiss her.


Back in the VIP box, Yamapi couldn’t believe his own eyes. He thought of how incredible Jin was. During the last few weeks it had been the same scene over again: Jin invited him to the club, they sat and got their drinks and then they chatted for some time or were just observing the girls until Jin chose one, usually a foreign one if there was any, and then Jin left with her. Sometimes he brought the girl to their table before and they had a couple of drinks all together, sometimes he only turned his head with a farewell look to Yamapi and disappeared with her.


Yamapi hoped it would be different this time with Kame being here. But he was wrong. Jin acted like Kame wasn’t there at all.


Kame somehow managed to revert his eyes from Jin kissing a stranger and with Yamapi still watching the scene he took advantage of friend’s inattention and without much thinking he grabbed a bottle of beer. Kame took a deep gulp and immediately felt the alcohol interfusing with his blood. He was still a minor and not used to this kind of drink. Actually, until this moment he had never drunk a bit of alcohol. Until this moment he had never had a reason to do that.


“Hey!” Pi whipped the beer out of the younger’s hand, frozen that he didn’t notice it before.


“Let me be, Pi!”


“What do you think you are doing?”


Kame wrinkled. “Nothing, apparently. Unlike someone,” he muttered grumpily. There was no need for him to even look to the dancefloor and he knew what was going on over there. He could easily imagine Jin’s lustful expression while his hands were tracing the line of that girl’s bare backbone. And the girl was giggling to every stupid flattery Jin told her in his deep wanton voice.


Yamapi cought the unspoken meaning. “So it’s about Akanishi? You really want to get drunk and risk someone could see you, you want to risk your career because of that baka?” Yamapi vigorously put the beer out of Kame’s reach. “I don’t mind your motives but I can’t let you do the same stupid mistake as Uchi did, you get it?”


Kame nodded.


But he couldn’t stop thinking that without alcohol he wouldn’t be able to forget the picture of Jin kissing that girl.


Back then it wasn’t about the kiss itself because Kame saw Jin kissing someone many times before and he didn’t mind, or at least he thought so. No, that time it was about Kame’s best friend who rather spent the evening and the rest of the night with a complete stranger than with Kame. The fact made Kame to feel like he was the worst and unwanted in particular.


It didn’t take long and Yamapi suggested they should go. Although it was supposed to be their party to celebrate Kame’s success the main actor was everything but in a celebrating mood and Pi didn’t want to oppress him.


Kame more than gratefully agreed, finished up his juice and was ready for departure in a minute.


Meanwhile Yamapi overlooked the dancefloor searching for Jin to give him a sign but he didn’t find him. He wasn’t much surprised at all. As he knew his best friend, Jin was likely having a make out session somewhere in the back room with the certain pretty blondie.


In reality, there was no making session in the back room, or maybe not yet and definitely not any involving Jin and his dancing partner. When Yamapi and Kame were leaving the club Jin was buying another two beers at the bar. The girl didn’t leave his side even for a second.


The bartender gave Jin the bottles and took money and as Jin turned to the blondie his eyes caught the moment of Pi and Kame’s withdrawing. Jin frowned and without a wink drank off his beer.


His rush action surprised the girl. “Anything wrong?”


Jin lifted a finger to order another beer. “Kinda seems I’ve lost two friends at once.”


“Oh, I’m sorry.”


“Doesn’t matter. I have a lot of friends, two more or less is not important,” he tried to act all cool and uninterested.


The girl softly touched his arm to let him know she was there for him. “How long have you known each other? Can I help you somehow?”


Jin reached for another beer, placing his free arm around the girl’s shoulders. As he leaned close she could smell the sensuous mixture of his cologne and alcohol.


“I think we’ll think something up,” Jin assured her before he kissed her.




It was already dark outside but the street was lightened by shining shop windows and glittering billboards. Kame wrapped the scarf around his neck and tightened his jacked as the chilly air surrounded him in front of the entrance door. All of sudden he felt sleepy and tired out as the struggle of all-day shooting came back to him, catching him unprepared.


“Are you ok?” Yamapi worried about him.


Kame gave him a quick look. “Why not?” His voice sounded peevishly. “I’ve just debuted, the PV shooting is over and thanks to you I’m completely sober so there’s no need to worry about tomorrow’s newspapers or my future, right? So why shouldn’t I be ok?”


“Not again, please!” Yamapi pouted. This evening surely wasn’t what he had planned. And everything just because he was such an idiot to believe he could possibly make that Bakanishi to calm down and for once to think first and act next. But Jin was too stubborn and, from what Yamapi could feel out, too scared.


Kame was afraid of Jin’s anger and he felt guiltily. Because Jin acted like there was a reason to feel like that. And Kame was… well, Kame was just Kame. As far as Yamapi could remember Kame had followed Jin everywhere, turning himself into a puppy that follows his master. He had listened to every single Jin’s word and had behaved as it was the greatest idea ever, though it had usually been rubbish. But they both seemed always happy back then, just because of the simple reason being together.


Now it was a vicious circle. None of them would start to talk to the other first since they both had their pride.


Yamapi shrugged and pretended he was not interested in Akanishi-Jin-topic anymore. It wasn’t his duty to conciliate the two of them, in fact it was none of his business. But they were his friends and he had enough of their argument.


“You should talk to him,” Yamapi brought in yet as they were walking down the sidewalk, heading to Kame’s flat.


Kame put hands in his pockets and shivered as the cool autumn breeze got under his jacket. “Great. As if I didn’t try it.” He lifted his head to face Yamapi. “I’ve tried, Pi, believe me I’ve tried for at least zillion times.”


“I know but you should try once more. He can’t deny you forever, for God’s sake you are his best friend and he is yours! This shit between you two is getting annoying.”


It was nothing new for Kame. He knew it. He knew Yamapi was right. But he was too scared to risk a look into Jin’s cold eyes again. He was sure he couldn’t bear another harsh words from Jin.


They kept walking in silence for a while both sunk in their own thoughts.


“Why does he do this, Pi?” Kame blurted out suddenly. “Koki and the rest of the band have the same right to be pissed off but they are not. They are supporting me and wish me well. And I’m grateful, I appreciate it a lot, I really do but -” He was unsure how to put it, how to explain his feelings towards Jin to someone else even if it was Yamapi. “But…”


They are not Jin.


“If it was Jin, not me, I would be happy for him.”


“But it’s not him.”


“No. But sometimes I wish it was. In that case we would still talk to each other. Tell me, Pi, did he tell you something? Anything… I can’t change the whole debut thing but there has to be something I can do!”


Yamapi stopped and turned to the younger boy. And the look was so heartbreaking that Pi gave up. Jin will most probably kill him if he finds out someday that he bewrayed his secret. But if it was the very last way to propitiate them Yamapi decided to risk it.


“He is scared, you know?” Pi shifted his weight from foot to foot and stroked his hair nervously. “He is scared to death you will leave him behind one day. He needs you, Kame, he needs you more than anything in his whole life. And day by day he can see you improving your singing and dancing and acting skills and he is terrified that one day, maybe not far from now, you will look at him seeing nothing but a moody baka who got so far only by chance. Not because he deserves it. You will be the big star and he will be still the same, not able to move on.”




“He thinks you are way much better than him and if you find out you won’t need him anymore. And now you debuted and it’s like Jin’s worst nightmare is becoming true.”


“But… I’m not… I don’t…” Kame felt his heart was about to jump out of his chest. “I would never leave him behind. Moreover I’m not better than him!”


Since the first time they had met Kame had been looking up to Jin. Kame was impressed by the older boy who was as much different in every way from Kame as possible. Kame could still, after all those years, remember their first encounter, their first chat. He could actually remember every damn second of their time spent together. And for him, Jin was always the more talented one, the one who wasn’t afraid of anything not even to burst into the Johnny-san’s office without knocking. Jin was self-confident, easy-going and everybody wanted to be friends with him.


And however hard Kame tried he couldn’t make up why among all the Juniors did Jin choose him to be friend with.


“But he thinks so. And you know how impossible is to talk him out of anything he has in his head. But I’m sure he will listen to you this time, Kame-chan, he is lost without you, you know?”


Hearing those words Kame blushed a little. What Yamapi tried to say was that Kame was the most important person in Jin’s life though Jin hadn’t said that. But apparently he admitted it to Pi believing Kame would never learn.


Kame finally smiled in relief.


“But Kame, please, don’t tell him, ne? I would be a dead meat if he found out I told you.”


“Um.” Kame nodded but his thoughts were already with Jin. He couldn’t wait to spend time with his best friend again, playing baseball or soccer in the park or just sitting on the sofa watching tv. They could buy some china to go, bring it home and be awake all night and then yawn during the next day’s rehearsal.




Jin was awoken by a nightmare. He wildly sat up on the bed, cold sweat on his forehead. He gasped out and covered his face with both his hands. Then he let fingers to run through the strands of his dark hair. When he slowly calmed down realizing he was not sleeping anymore he threw his head back to the pillows.


It was the same dream he had dreamt for the last few weeks. He was sure it was the same dream though he always forgot it at the moment he woke up. Only cloudy flashbacks and disconnected fragments stayed to confuse him.


In his head there was the image of himself staying in a departure lounge. He wasn’t alone, Kame was with him. They were looking at each other and Kame was holding back tears with all his might. Jin wanted to hug him but Kame stepped back.


Then everything got covered with a fog and the next thing Jin could remember was him trying to find the right words to stop Kame from leaving him but when he finally broke the silence Kame was gone.


Kame left him.


Jin didn’t understand the meaning of the scene or why it kept repeating night after night but he was confident it started not long after the morning meeting where they had been said about the Shuji to Akira project.


Jin hated that song. Oh God he hated it so much that he turned off the radio or left the room each time it started to play. But more than the melody itself he hated it was the duet of Kame and Pi. The lyrics were about friendship, about two best friends and he wanted to sing it with Kame. Jin knew it was ridiculous to think like that but he couldn’t help himself. If it was in the real world, it would be their song, his and Kame’s. But it wasn’t. Their lives were far beyond the borders of reality. Their lives weren’t theirs after all, they signed the contracts and Johnny owned them. They had to do what the old man said.


Apparently unlike Kame Jin was tired of being an obedient boy. But he hadn’t decided what to do with that growing need of independence yet.


Jin rolled over on the bed, steady not to wake up the girl who was sleeping next to him, and craned forward to open the drawer in the night table. For a moment his fingers were blinding about something inside until he finally reached it.


With half-closed eyes he looked at a small round object he was holding between his thumb and index finger. The ring was too strait for him to wear it now but he remembered it had fitted perfectly to his sixteen-year-old self.


Jin tried to ring it on his left pinky but it stuck right at the top of the digit not able to get over the knuckle. With a bitter sigh slipping out of his lips he removed the ring. So much as he wanted to it was impossible to turn back in time and once again experience the moment which was meant to last forever.


The phone on his bedside table started to ring and Jin jerked. The ring fell somewhere to the cluttered blanket and Jin had hard time searching for it and picking the phone at the same time. He somehow managed it both and darted out of the bedroom as the girl muttered something from her sleep. Jin didn’t want to disturb her.


“Moshi mo-”


“I will never leave you behind, you get it?” Kame blurted out once he heard Jin’s voice. “And I’m ready to repeat it over and over until you listen. That single means nothing to me, Jin. Nothing! I’m still the K of KAT-TUN and I’m not debuting but with you! So please,” Kame craved, “please, stop it. Talk to me again! I need you to talk to me…”


Jin stiffened.


It was so typical for them that he was thinking of Kame and Kame called him. Like their minds were linked.


“I can’t now, I…”


“Jin, please!” Kame sniffed. “You can’t be angry forever!”


Jin leaned back on the closed bedroom door and slumped to the floor, one hand with the phone up to his ear and the other still holding the ring.




Kame thought he was angry. Of course Kame did because in last weeks Jin hadn’t done anything to prove him he wasn’t. It was much easier for Jin that way. But he should have known Kame wouldn’t give up just so.


It wasn’t anger what Jin felt. A part of him was actually happy that Kame got this great chance.


Jin looked at the ring, hearing Kame’s silent breathing from the other side of the line. He should say something; Kame was waiting for anything Jin would say. But Jin couldn’t, he couldn’t find the right words.






Kame drew a deep breath, finally hearing Jin’s voice saying his name after that long period of silence. He almost forgot how it sounded. And once he wanted Jin to keep repeating it. But Jin was all silent again.


“Did you…did…?” Kame was nervous, Jin could easily imagine him licking his lip as usual. “You promised, Jin. We both promised. You can’t break it why it was you who bought those rings to make it unbreakable!”


Jin fidgeted with the ring between his fingers thinking back on the moment he secretly bought two simple pinkies and gave one of them to his best friend. It seemed so long ago.


“These promises are for children, Kame. And we are not kids anymore. Likewise, mine is not fitting anymore. It hasn’t been fitting for a while but now I think it’s time to concede that some promises are not meant to endure. It’s only a ring, after all.”


“But you still have it,” Kame said hopefully.


“Just as you have yours.”


There was a pause and Jin frowned not knowing what was going on or what Kame was about to do. And he frowned even more as the other began to speak again.


“I have to go now, Jin. Go back to your… you know. See you on the morning.”


“Kame, wait! Kame what -”


But the line was deaf. Kame hung up.


Jin didn’t move gazing at the ring. Then he grasped it in his hand, close as it was the most precious treasure in the whole world.


“It’s only a ring.”


But it wasn’t.




It still wasn’t utterly morning when the doorbell woke him. Jin yawned and got up trying to ignore persistent survivals of yesterday night in his head. Luckily this was his day off and he hadn’t any engagements like shootings or rehearsals. If he had, it would be a long tough day with this terrible hangover.


There still was the girl from before in his bed. Her long fair hair was spread all over the pillow. Jin didn’t pay big attention to her, she would find her way out when the time came.


He sleepily passed through the apartment and opened the door. Much to his surprise his dopey eyes met with a familiar face.


“Kame?” Jin frowned. “What...?” He stepped aside letting the younger one in.


Kame slowly entered. The room was filled with a scent of alcohol, female perfume and Jin’s cigarettes. Two empty bottles of wine were standing on the dining table and another one was lying on the floor next to the bedroom door.


If it was under other circumstances Kame would laugh. The scene in front of him was so different from those shown in media. Meet real Akanishi Jin. An ordinary guy, ruffled, tired as hell after another wild night, with dark bags under his eyes, was staying here only in his briefs with the most shocked expression ever.


“What are you doing here? At this damn hour?” Jin scratched his head. “I’m going back to bed. Come back later.”


“You don’t really think it’s only a ring, do you?” Kame blurted out.


“You came here all the way and woke me up just because of this? Unbelievable.” But inside Jin had to chuckle.


That was so Kamenashi Kazuya.


“Jin, please, listen to me,” Kame entreated. “We promised and as much as I don’t think we need any proofs I know you do. You do need those rings to know it was – it is – real so…”


Jin knitted his brows waiting, watching Kame fishing something from the pocket of his jacket. And finally Kame raised his arm to show Jin a small ring lying on his palm.


“You bought the first ones,” he explained seeing an uncomprehending look at Jin’s eyes, “so I was thinking it’s my turn now.”


“You…” Jin couldn’t believe his own eyes. It took him a while to venture touching the silver thing Kame was holding.


“I’m sure this one will fit you perfectly.” Kame took the ringlet and ringed it onto Jin’s shivering pinky finger. It slipped perfectly. “You see?”


Jin was amazed.


And more than that as Kame lifted his left hand showing Jin his own ring. “They are not identical so no one will find out. But it’s ok for we know.”


As Kame entwined his pinky with Jin’s to remind him that sunny afternoon at Okinawa all those years ago when their promise had been made, they smiled at each other.


“Um, Kazu-chan?”


Jin’s voice was a bliss for Kame’s ears. His lips crinkled into a happy smile as he heard it. He loved when Jin called him by his name though he didn’t do it often, only when they were all alone. “Yes Jin?”


“Give me a minute and breakfast is on me, ne?”


“Sounds great.”


Maybe some promises are meant to last forever, after all.


Next chapter...
Pinky Promise 2: Real Face



A/N: Wow! I really finished it. I'm still a bit suprised. At the start I didn't expect it at all but I hope it turned out well. Next chapter is on its way.
A/N2: Sorry for my elementary school English ^^; the last time I needed English was at school (seems like an eternity ago)

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Why is Jin so mean to Kame? *pouts* *protects Kame from mean Jin*
HAHA! :D But poor Jin.. Desperately not wanting to be left behind. Baka Jin! Why should he worry? He should just catch up instead of worrying that Kame is moving too far from him!
HAHAHA! :D Oh, so sweet! Kame bought new rings. AWWWW... XD XD XD
I want one too!! &hearts

HAHAHAHA!! They left for breakfast while leaving the girl on Jin's bed? HAHAHA! I don't know why, but I just find this really funny. :)

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WHOOOOO You are here! reading my fic!!! HI!!!

LOL Poor girl, in the end it was she who was left behind.... no girl can affect what akame have ^_^ I think that was the point of this... and it only grows in later chaps...


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