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Title: Pinky Promise 5: Care (2/2)

Author: [info]gina84 
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG15

(part 1)


End of October 2003, Shooting of KAT-TUN 1st in New York Photobook


Slowly licking the strawberry ice-cream that was causing him goosebumps as it was a bit cold today and he hadn’t realized it before he bought it, Kame was watching from afar Jin chipperly chatting with some girls. Kame could swear at one moment the whole group turned to him and then the girls started giggling. Jin waved at him gesturing thumbs up. Kame rolled his eyes and licked the ice-cream. He shivered and sighed.


He couldn’t believe Jin was doing it again.


Not more than fifteen minutes ago Akanishi was literally whining for being too exhausted from all the photoshooting today, making jaded grimaces and ruining another photos to be taken but as soon as the photographer gave the a short break Jin livened. Actually this was nothing new, he always acted like that when he got bored while working. The most baffling thing for Kame was how easily Jin could ingratiate himself with any girl passing by. As if all American girls had been waiting all impatient for him coming here.


The next moment Kame had to shut his eyes tightly and press the base of his nose with a thumb and an index finger because the cold of the ice-cream got into his sinuses. The boy shook his head.


Such a stupid idea to buy an ice-cream in this weather! That was actually something he would have expected from Bakanishi not from himself… But he was so upset not knowing what Jin was saying to all those girls that he didn’t even realize what he was doing until he had the cone in his hand.


Finally those girls continued in their walk and Jin returned to the stony dwarf wall Kame was sitting on, grinning widely and his dark eyes were sparkling furtively as he was gazing at the younger one all the time.


“What?” Kame frowned. And this time his grimace had nothing to do with the ice-cream.


Jin smirked.


“Akanishi!” Kame jerked out impatiently. “What did you tell them this time?”


Jin popped his eyes pretending how shocked he was that Kame was suspecting him of any iniquity. “Nothing I swear!” But the corner of his lips was wincing though he tried hard to keep the face. “Or at least nothing bad…”


Kame wrinkled his forehead, still eyeing the other suspiciously.


Jin gibed. “Okay, they thought you are cute and asked me for your name and number.” A mischievous smile crept into his face as he saw Kame’s cheeks blushed immediately. “And they were very sad when I told them you can’t speak English and you wouldn’t understand them at all. But then I offered I could translate your conversation and for a moment they seemed to be up for that idea!”


“Baka!” Kame spanked the latter shaking his head.


“Seriously!” Jin puppy-eyed him pouting. “Please, please, Kazu… think about it, okay? Next time I’ll arrange a date for us, ne? Let’s have some fun! How often does it happen that we are in America?”


“If we are lucky then not much,” Kame muttered. He lowered his eyes to the cone. God, the air was so chilly the ice-cream still hadn’t started melting. He looked around wondering where to throw it away when Jin noticed his intentions.


”You don’t want it anymore?”


“Um, nope. I don’t want to catch a cold.”


Jin giggled. “Why did you buy it then? Look who is baka here!”


Kame sighed. No way could he explain the older one that this bargain was actually his fault. If he hadn’t mizzled to flirt with every girl passing by the street Kame wouldn’t have felt alone and wouldn’t have got a sudden need of buying himself something sweet.


“You, of course,” Kame pursed obstinately. Then he saw Jin was glaring at the ice-cream, licking even biting his lips. Kame lifted his hand. “You want it?”


For a second it almost seemed Jin would make a clutch at the cone without further incitement but in the end the boy shook his head. “You’ve already licked it.”


“Yes, because that’s what an ice-cream is usually designed for,” Kame rolled his eyes.


“Then I don’t want it.” Jin made a grimace sticking out his tongue even emitting guttural sounds of disgust then covered his mouth with both his hands. “That would be strange and…” he coughed ostentatiously, “and queer and…”


Kame rolled his eyes again. “Oh come on!”


What? Have you ever heard about this thing called an indirect kiss?”


The younger one shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “Okay, then I think I spotted a trash bin over there.” He slipped down of the wall in a fluent elegant move and stepped forward. And it needed only two steps for Jin to catch him and stop him.


“Wait!! Wait, wait, wait Kazu! No need to be so prudish, right? Well are we in America, after all!” And with that statement Jin snatched the cone from Kame’s hand and licked the sweet and refreshing ice-cream. “Yummy,” he moaned blissfully closing his eyes.


Kame chuckled seeing it.


What would have he only done here if Jin hadn’t been here with him?


Then they completed the shooting and returned to the hotel. And after eating dinner and spending the evening with the rest of their band mates Kame found himself being too exhausted for another of Koki’s silly games or Junno’s even sillier jokes or Maru’s beat-box performances.


When Kame finally finished his preparations for going to bed he came out of the bathroom to his room. He sneered eyeing the big – huge – bed there and shambled to it nervously chafing his hands. He climbed up to the bed and delving into the blankets Kame tried to find a comfortable position. But it seemed every time he finally closed his eyes and heaved something disturbed him. A strange smell of the sheeting. Too much pillows under his head. Uncovered sole. A random sound coming in through the window. His arm lying inconveniently under his head.


Kame fidgeted around grumbling. As much as was the whole day photoshooting exhausting and tough, the worst part of his stay here in America was exactly this. The nights in this dark and lonesome room that seemed to be all vacant with no other people around though Jin was sleeping on the other side of the door as their rooms were interconnected.


Kame sighed turning himself on the other side.


Meanwhile Jin was snuggling down in his bed reading a comics he had bought in the afternoon. He wasn’t sleepy at all but he didn’t want to stay downstairs with the others either when Kame said he would go to his room. So Jin accompanied his friend and now here he was, everything but drowsy and bored to death. He thumbed through the comics for nth time and threw it away.


Then Jin heard a sound and looked up. The door connecting his room with Kame’s was open and there in the shadowy doorframe was standing a thin-bodied boy wearing these ludicrous pajamas that were so huge the boy could have fitted into them twice.


Kame licked his lip irresolute what to do. He let his eyes roaming over the dusky room as the only light in there was being evolved by the reading lamp on the bed table.


Jin raised his eyebrows. “Oi, what’s up?” he asked curiously.


“I…I thought…maybe…” Kame mumbled rubbing his hands against each other through the flannel fabric of the pajamas as the sleeves were too long for his arms. Then he shook his head. “It’s nothing. Oyasuminasai, Jin.” Kame turned around to leave Jin’s room and go back to that dark and scary place where he was supposed to sleep.


Jin sat up. “Wait, Kazu!” he stopped the latter. “Something wrong?”


“It’s just…” Kame faced Jin again shuffling his feet and restlessly rubbing his hands against his hips and thighs this time. “I don’t think I can sleep there again,” he admitted in a barely hearable voice thanking for the dark that could hide his blushing cheeks. “It’s dark and strange and…” he bit his lip, “it’s so far away from home, Jin!”


Those words made Jin chuckle. And if it wasn’t too awkward and odd to him he would think Kame was cute at the moment, all embarrassed and shamefaced, blushing and brushing his lips with the tip of his tongue and looking anywhere but at Jin.


Jin’s smile grew even wider and he patted the empty place next to him. “Would it be better over here?” he suggested and he didn’t even finish his question when he saw Kame took a run towards the bed pouncing at it and nestling up under the blanket.


Jin groaned as Kame’s jumping body landed on his leg but he would have had no heart to bleat and grouse though observing how content and cheerful Kame became just because he could stay here with Jin. Kame hid himself under the blanket, only his head was uncovered and his sleepy yet sparkling eyes were watching Jin.




Kame smiled. “Tell me something, Jin.”


“Like what?”


Closing his eyes Kame just breathed out. “Don’t know, just want to hear your voice…”




Beginning of October 2006, the day before Akanishi’s Leaving Press Conference


Jin felt Kame’s eyes were staring at him but he couldn’t find the courage to turn and look at the younger boy. It was already enough for him to come here today and face all of his band mates at once. But seeing Kame’s pain was too much for Jin to endure. Talking to Yamapi the day before gave Jin at least a little reliance that even with him being on the other side of the world there will still be someone to watch over his Kazu. That Kame won’t stay all alone…


But now as he saw the pretended smile and the throe to grin and bear all what was happening in Kame’s broken face Jin felt his heart was breaking apart for countless time in those two days. And the helplessness was consuming him.


They were standing in the dressing room and though the room was large enough to even play some silly games there, suddenly Jin panicked the walls were moving to smash him in any moment and there was not enough air for all of them to breathe.


“Well…” Ueda was the first to speak after an infinitely long moment of silence. While every one else was trying to find out right words to say the boxer just took it as it was. “That’s perfect. Just perfect, Akanishi. You come here tossing in this bomb on us and expect what exactly? That we will kiss you good and wish you good luck?”


“Of course not!” Jin worked up some defence though he knew it couldn’t help anyway. After the talk with Yamapi and maybe long before Jin was ready for this kind of reaction. There was nothing he could do to prevent himself from it. “I’m just asking you to understand that I’m not doing this on purpose. It’s just… it’s a chance of lifetime and I would be an idiot not to make hay while the sun shines…”


“Yeah! Your awesome fucking American hay! Then go and strangle yourself with it!”


Ueda took a deep breath to calm down. He still couldn’t believe it. And for a slight moment he even thought about punching Jin to put some sense into him. Deep down he had always known Jin was an egoistic twerp but he seriously thought that Kame could change that… But apparently this guess was all wrong.


“When you are leaving?”


Jin turned his head to Nakamaru. And he shivered realizing the calm resigned voice of the beat-boxer was way worse than Ueda’s harsh words or possible threats.


“Not more than a month from now,” Jin answered and he could swear Kame shuddered hearing the final date.


“What about the new PV?” Maru tried to keep the conversation as a matter of facts because focusing on work was much meaningful than pointless blaming.


Jin shook his head. “Seems I won’t be a part of it.”


Maru sighed. “Um. So desu ka.”


“Oi, Jin, should we throw a farewell party for you or something?” Junno wondered and his question earned him five looks full of disbelief. Even Jin couldn’t believe Taguchi really said something like that aloud.


Ueda gasped. “Seriously Taguchi? Do you realize it’s not the point here?”


Kame wasn’t giving too much care to what was going on anymore. His head was spinning and his vision fogged.


He bogged feeling torpid and suddenly a hand placed on his shoulder from behind held him and gave him so needed support. And Kame too dumbfounded and paralyzed to mind his surroundings until then had to look back over his shoulder to see who the hand belonged to. Every other time through Kame’s life the boy could have said with an utter certainty that it had been no one but Jin who had been always here for him, giving him support and comfort, but this time – with the said Akanishi Jin standing in front of him – Kame was confused.


Then his teary eyes met with Koki’s gentle smile.


The hand on his shoulder started massaging him and Kame could feel the comfortable heat started spreading into his whole body.


Jin side-glanced Koki was standing alongside Kame and he quickly realized he didn’t like it. But he also knew he had no right to say something…




Three weeks later, November 2006


The airport departure lounge was crowded with people and Jin couldn’t shake off the feeling every one was staring at him. He had a hood and aviators put on to cover his face but strangely he still felt they recognized him. So he just glued his eyes to the floor while waiting for his flight to be announced.


And then there it was and Jin sighed. He took his bag slinging it over his shoulder ready to step forward the gate but something stopped him. He shrugged as a tickling wave of electricity ran down his spine.


Jin turned around and his heart skipped a beat when a group of people passed by and he saw Kame was standing on the other side of the lounge gazing at him.


Jin didn’t mind another announcement about his flight and moved to Kame but he turned short realizing that with his every step forward the younger one made one step backward. Jin stayed still dull and confused yet deep down happy that Kame had come here after all.


Kame managed a bleak smile and raised his hand sticking out his pinky to show Jin, though it was impossible for the other one to see anything because of the distance between them, the ring he was wearing. But Kame was sure Jin didn’t need to see the ring to know what was it representing.


The bond was still there. No matter how many oceans will intervene between them…


The last prompt for passengers of Jin’s flight could be heard.


Jin nodded and waved sticking his pinky too, though there was no ring on it at the moment, then turned around and went to the gate. And along the way there he realized he had experienced this before. In his dream a few months ago, just back then he had thought it was Kame leaving him…


Jin had never even for a second imagined it could be the other way round.

Next part: Pinky Promise 6: Precious One

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Date: 2010-08-27 06:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ohhhh...It's sad...
Beautiful but sad... *sob*

Hope the next one will be much more brighter...Not that I don't like this... I love it... (^_^)

(no subject)

Date: 2010-08-27 08:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you.... yeah I know, sad sad sad... and I can't promise the next chap will be better, gomen... But I'll try, ne? ^_^

I'm happy you are reading this! ~

(no subject)

Date: 2010-08-27 09:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really liked :) Sad but other way this is so touched and right. Poor hearts...

(no subject)

Date: 2010-08-27 09:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for reading and commenting.... I'm glad you like it though it's sad. But sometimes I just can't help myself and think that there are not only happy moments is the world.. and somehow I put all those feelings into this fic

(no subject)

Date: 2010-08-28 03:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

its so sad chapty T__T

but i love it! heheheheh~

waiting for more~~~~

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Date: 2010-08-28 08:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad you like it! Thanks for reading ~

(no subject)

Date: 2010-08-29 02:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*sniff* fluff then angst. WHY!! thats mean.
but its interesting. I wonder what happens next, i want to know so badly.
ill be waiting!!

(no subject)

Date: 2010-08-29 10:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Gomen for making you sniffing *bows* I try to diversify different genres here.... pure angst could kill me (the truth is it's killing me only thinking about it)... I'm really glad you like this fic and wait for next chap. I've already started writing it ^_^

(no subject)

Date: 2010-09-07 08:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Why Gina why? Why separate them? Why must these two hotties separate so fast?! HAHAHA! XD Damn, we can only blame Jin's hiatus. Hehe. :D
I liked past and present thing. I don't know why I like it, I just do. HAHAHA! :) It makes us curious about certain parts but yet it answers some of our questions about other parts. I went like 'why?' about one issue to 'Oooo....' about another. Hahaha! (I don't think I'm making sense!)
But Kazu eating strawberry ice-cream sounds VERY familiar... Hm... BUAHAHA!! Haha, bad Jin! Sharing ice-cream is so NOT queer! (especially if it's akame. That would be HOT and NOT queer) HAHAHA!
Kame sending off Jin made me very happy and I went all 'AWWW..' but when he took a step back for every step Jin took forward, it made me feel a bit sad... :( Like they had to maintain a distance no matter where they are.
Haha, isn't the gesture of sticking out a pinky mean 'girlfriend'? HAHAHA! XP I read it from somewhere. Hehe. Maybe it's kinda true in this case. Hahaha!
I hoped you liked my spammage. Haha. I'll read your other fics and comment when I can! Hehe. *hugs* &hearts

(no subject)

Date: 2010-09-07 08:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Don't worry, next chap is almost done and Jin is back...

Hm... ice-cream... I know... the funny thing is that I wrote this and within like two days I read YOUR Kazu licking ice-cream and that made me laugh so much!! Our brains work similar...we both want to see Kazu sticking out his tongue LOLzzz ??? *laugh* And Jin back then was all baka, he was just a teenager interested in girls, no thoughts about Kame the way WE ARE THINKING ABOUT HIM ^_^ so we can't blame him for saying that sharing icecream is queer.. or can we?? HAHAHA!!!

Actually your thoughts about past/present switching make sense... I love non-linear stories, it's like a puzzle where every piece has its own place and the whole picture can be seen only when everything is complete... and I'm trying to write this fic this way.... In the end all those flash-backs should make sense and shed light on akame relationship..

Eh? Sticking up pinky means gf?? I know nothing about that!! Oh crap! That wasn't my intention at all!! O.o It was just Kame showing Jin that they are still friends no matter what, that he still has the ring and he will wait for Jin to come back from America, that he is not angry... LOL no hidden meanings about gf!! ^___^


And hope you'll love my other fics!


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