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Title: Pinky Promise 3: Special Happiness (2/2)

Author: gina84

Pairing: Akame

Rating: PG15

(part 1)

Beginning of October 2006, Night of Ueda’s late birthday celebration


“Ok guys, I’m officially proclaiming tonight the best birthday party in the history!” Koki almost shouted as the six of them left the club where they had been celebrating Ueda’s birthday until early morning and now were going down the street. It was still night but in the center of Tokyo it didn’t seem like that.


Ueda and Nakamaru were supporting Taguchi who had too much drinks and now could barely stand on his feet. Kame was faltering next to them silently promising himself not to mix vodka and tequila next time or much better not to drink any alcohol from now on till the end of his life. Koki, though he had drunk as much as the others, seemed not to be affected by alcohol as much as Junno or maybe it just had the very opposite effect on him since he was all quick and mercurial.


He brisk up to Ueda and surprised him with a sharp pat on the boxer’s shoulder.




Koki tilted his head with the purest smile on his face ever. “That was… soooo genius Tat-chan! Why didn’t I come up with that idea first?” he was wondering for a while but soon his dazed mind forgot what he was thinking about. Koki shook his head. “Inviting Akanishi! Genius!” He turned backwards wobbling to see Jin slowly following them, hands buried deep in the pockets of his baggy jeans. “You. Are. Genius!” Koki jerked out with emphasis on every word. “Maru! Maru! Tell him he is genius!”


“Of course he is,” Nakamaru agreed over his shoulder. “No one else could hire a stripper as a birthday present for Tat-chan!”


“Exactly!” Koki grinned only remembering the hot pole dance the girl had performed right in front of him. He quickly stepped into Jin’s way stopping him. “I’m going to invite you to my party, too, and I’m looking forward to what present you are going to give me. Got it? You know I prefer long hair, right?”


“Be careful, Koki,” Ueda warned him, “one can never be sure what’s on his twisted mind, you can end up with no stripper but with an aquarium full of fish or something way worse. Look at Kame, do you think he wanted a dog? And now he has Ran-chan.”


Kame wasn’t paying attention to what the others were gabbling, his not very clear head occupied with the memories of the night at the club. Koki and Maru drinking one shot after another, both absorbed in the sensuous dance of the stripper Jin had given to Ueda as a birthday present. Taguchi trying to keep the pace with the two of them and eventually overdrinking himself. Tat-chan pretending he had nothing in common with the rest of them for most of the night, silently sitting in the corner with his phone, messaging with someone constantly. And Jin as always being the king of the dancefloor, impressing all the girls and women, and most probably also some men, in the club by his famous hip rolls.


Kame was watching it from aside, feeling something was slowly gripping his stomach as he realized he was getting angry. Angry at Jin who was ostentatiously flirting with every girl around. And angry at himself for even being bothered by what Jin was doing or not.


They were friends, for good sake, Jin’s flirting or even sex life was none of Kame’s business!...Or it should have been. Kame sighed, knowing deep inside he had a problem, having sort of feelings for Jin, feelings far beyond the friendly ones….


But everything, including his potential jealousy, had to go aside as he overheard his beloved pet’s name.




Ueda shrugged his shoulders and that unexpected move made Junno almost fall to the ground as he lost his support for a moment. He groaned in protest.


“Just saying. Sorry but with our always full schedules I highly doubt you really wanted a dog, Kame. I believe Jin is a nut case enough to risk it with getting himself a pet but you? Don’t make me laugh. Buying you Ran-chan was only another of Akanishi’s jokes. Right, Jin?”


Jin had no chance to say something as Kame burst into defending himself, Ran-chan and in some way Jin, too.


“How can you say something like that, Tat-chan!? I wanted a dog! I love Ran-chan and I can’t believe you’ve just said you think I don’t! And besides Jin didn’t buy her I told you before I bought her myself.”


“Whatever you say. Maybe you’re right, the idea of you two accidentally coming across each other in the pet shop with an urgent desire to buy a dog is much more feasible,” Ueda mocked but had to stop because Junno muttered something incoherent and it didn’t take long and he was crouching down in the bush next to the sidewalk throwing up.


Hearing the choking sounds Kame felt he was getting sick, too. He decided to turn back and talk to Jin but as he did so Jin was nowhere to be seen. Kame sighed heavily but with another puking sound coming from the bush he hustled back in the direction they came from. Everything seemed better than staying at the spot.


A few lightened shop windows later he finally found Jin in the dark alley. Jin was putting coins into a drink machine buying himself a bottle of soda but after he inserted the last coin and pressed the button nothing happened. Despite of dusk-dark of the place and the cloth of his hoodie pulled deep down over his head Kame could see Jin frowned and pressed the button once again with much strain.


Kame slowly came closer propping his dizzy body against the cold side of the machine. He was scanning what Jin was doing. The older one repeatedly pressed the button then hunkered down studying the slot for takeoffs. It was still empty.


“Shit,” Jin uttered as his fist hit the machine. Only when he stood up again he noticed his younger band mate was there. Jin shot a quick glance to the machine and grinned. “We should have taken a bottle of something along. Or two.”


“Did you tell him, Jin?”


If there was something Jin really didn’t like about his best friend then it was Kame’s bad habit of expecting everybody, and especially Jin, to know what he was talking about even if he started in the middle of topic using only inconcrete pronouns. Their conversations could have been much easier and they could have saved many misunderstandings if Kame hadn’t kept doing this.


During their years together Jin somehow learnt how to read between lines. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes not.


And all the alcohol Jin drank tonight wasn’t to much help. So he rather gave up instead of risking Kame could misconceive him.


“Did I tell what to who?”


“Did you tell Ueda you bought Ran-chan to me?” Kame bit his lip, assured of how ridiculous his question had to sound. There was no need to hide that Ran-chan was a birthday present his friend gave him. But somehow he ended up concealing the truth from everybody. And now he was upset someone other than he and Jin knew.


It was like someone broke in and entered their world without permission. And Kame didn’t want to share the special place they had with anyone. Not with any random chick from the club, not even with any of their band mates.


“Of course I didn’t! He was just teasing you,” Jin defended himself.


Jin hit the machine again, rather to relive stress than to get his soda this time but the machine was apparently broken. With a sigh Jin rest his forehead against the shining front side with various goods aligned in their cells behind the clear plastic cover.


“It doesn’t work, Jin,” he heard Kame’s shivering quiet voice, as Kame realized he didn’t have strength to fight on with his feelings anymore.


Jin was right back then. Fuck what Johnny-san says. Fuck what everyone else says. All Kame wanted was to get lost in kissing Jin.


Jin took a deep breath. “Because it’s a fucking trash.” He kicked the bottom part of the machine.


“That’s not what I mean…”


And hearing those words Jin felt Kame’s hands finding their way to his cheeks and as he turned in surprise to the younger one he was immediately caught in a kiss. Jin’s body didn’t allow his mind to develop any protest. The lips that brushed over his were gently coaxing him to open his mouth and Jin more than obediently followed. He slipped his tongue inside only to run into the other one’s at the halfway which was rewarded with loud moan.


The light taste of alcohol on Kame’s lips made Jin feel tipsy more than all the vodka he had drunk earlier that night. He sucked the lips hungrily leaving them bruised and swollen but neither he nor Kame could care less about the bruises at that moment. Jin pushed Kame against the wall of the building block perhaps a bit forcefully so Kame’s back crashed against the hard concrete which made Kame groan.


But the pain was quickly replaced with arousal as he felt the delicious heat pressing him against the said wall. Jin pushed himself hard between Kame’s thighs forcing him to straddle at first and then to lift his leg and wrap it around Jin’s waist.


Kame’s hands twinned around Jin’s neck tightened the grip as their erections rubbing against each other through the fabric begged for more friction.


They took a short breath only to lock their lips again.


Jin pulled the smaller boy’s t-shirt up exposing his chest and those delicious tiny nipples that had caused him wet dreams for weeks after tasting them for the fist time. Not able to contain himself even for a second above, Jin lowered a bit taking one of the nipples between his teeth slightly nibbling it while his hand was teasing the other one until both of them were erect and painful.


Kame moaned in sensation. His fingers found Jin’s hood and with another Jin’s hard suck on his nipple Kame grabbed the cloth and whisked it away to unveil Jin’s messy hair. Feeling the night breeze fanning by his head Jin stopped what he was doing and looked up.


For a second Jin was afraid of some kind of déjà vu as his alcohol blinded mind remembered Kame pushing him away but nothing like that happened this time. Instead of pushing Jin away Kame pulled him up to kiss him again not letting him go until they both almost lost consciousness to lack of oxygen.


Kame briskly opened the zipper of Jin’s hoodie and Jin shook the said clothes off letting it fall somewhere to his feet, not interested anymore because Kame was stripping him off of his t-shirt right then. As soon as this piece landed on the ground next to the first one Kame started to suck at Jin’s chest repaying for the pleasure Jin was giving him.


Jin leaned closer pressing his bare chest against the latter’s and the feel of skin on skin was causing goosebumps to appear on Kame’s flesh. Kame arched and writhed underneath the larger body and he gasped for breath as Jin’s hands cupped his ass molding their bodies together, holding Kame’s hips at place as Jin rubbed against him.


Having his mind clouded with lust it took a while for Jin to discern a loud significant hawking from Kame’s wanton moans. He slowly turned his face to the direction where the annoying sounds were coming from and so much to his consternation he saw all his band mates standing at the alley entry staring. Jin didn’t know for how long they had been standing there but it wasn’t relevant since only seeing their two friends half naked in a dark alley could be pretty good reason to be shocked.


Jin backed his attention to Kame again.


Kame, with his eyes shut didn’t know what was going on, he only felt Jin stiffened and Kame decided to distract him from unwanted thoughts. He moved his hips and their erections met once again, desperately wanting to be released from the cloth prison.


Kame bit Jin’s ear and with his lips still near he whispered a simple “Do me, Jin…here and now.”


“So much for the so-called member-ai,” Koki stated chuckling so hard that he almost choked with his own saliva as he wasn’t able to stop.


Ueda frowned scratching his forehead. “Somehow I don’t think this is exactly what Johnny-san meant by that.”


Hearing all those voices and not feeling Jin’s touches anymore Kame slowly came to his senses. “What…?” And he gulped as he saw his grinning friends with snickering Koki and Ueda in the front and Maru with sick-faced Taguchi aback. “Fuck!” Kame disengaged himself from being captured between Jin’s body and the wall behind him in a flash. He looked around fiercely seeking for his t-shirt which, though he wasn’t sure about it, had to end somewhere nearby.


“Um, Kame… over there,” he heard Koki’s tittering but he appreciated the rapper waved to the location where his t-shirt was lying near the bottom of the slot machine.


Meanwhile Jin managed to collect and put on his own clothes. The situation was awkward. More than that. But with all his band mates around he had no time or chance to talk to Kame. Did he… Jin gave the smaller boy a short puzzled look. Did he really hear right? Was it… Jin felt his cock was twitching only thinking about the possibility Kame wanted him then and there…


Jin put on his hood covering his ruffled hair and face. If the others hadn’t turned up, he and Kame would have fucked… Jin had to close his eyes for a moment as only the thought made him dumbfounded and so damn aroused that it hurt.


Kame slipped through him not daring to look at anybody.


This time he had no excuse, he couldn’t hide putting Jin in the wrong for kissing him first. This time it was Kame’s fault, he was the one and only to be blamed.


They went back to the street heading to the parking lot and suddenly Kame felt a hand placed around his waist and warm breath on his skin as Jin leaned closer. Jin placed a hasty peck on Kame’s cheek before he whispered: “Don’t worry, we will finish what we have started, soon. And this time I will make sure there will be no one to stop us, Kazu. I promise.” And with that, leaving Kame completely stunned, Jin quickened his steps to catch up Maru and Koki.


No one to stop us…


But Jin forgot there was a person with all the power and empire to stop anything they were doing or were about to do. The almighty person with their lives in his hands.




Two days later, October 2006


“You gotta be kiddin’ me!”


“Hi Pi?”


Yamapi yawned rubbing his face with both of his palms. But when he put the hands down and blinked several times, nothing changed. Apparently he wasn’t sleeping and this wasn’t a nightmare.


Akanishi Jin was standing at his threshold in the middle of the night.


What a surprise!


Yamapi stepped back to his flat, capitulating, letting Jin enter, too. He yawned again not even trying to hide his wide open mouth from Jin to demonstrate that Bakanishi how much he needed at least two or three hours of deserved sleep, with two interviews and a photo shooting in the morning. But Jin was already on his way through the flat to the kitchen. Not bothering to ask for permission Jin opened the fridge taking a bottle of beer. Then he went to the living room where he threw himself onto the huge leather covered sofa.


“You know what?” Yamapi leaned against the doorframe, tolerating Jin’s natural behavior in his apartment, mostly because he was too tired to grab his best friend and push him out of the door. “You should find yourself a hobby. Another than calling me in the middle of the night or showing at my doorstep without a serious reason.”


“I always have a reason!” Jin hit back.


Serious reason, Jin. Your hypochondriacal insomnia doesn’t count, neither does your abrupt need to tell me about every girl you did in a fucking back room of a club. Not to mention your sottish babbling about Kame. – Did I actually tell you how glad I am this chapter has ended? – I told you last time you can come here whenever your apartment catches fire or your neighbors flood you BUT everything else has to wait till morning. Got it?”


“Ne, Pi?”


“No, Jin, seriously, go home. Or sleep here on the couch, whatever, I don’t care, but I’m going back to bed now.”


Jin took a deep sip of beer and put the bottle down on the edge of the low table. He hesitated trying to put his messy thoughts into clear words. But seeing his friend was really slowly turning to leave him alone, Jin had no time left.


“I’m leaving, Pi,” Jin blurted out.


“Fine, Jin.” Yamapi said nonchalantly over his shoulder, waving Jin above his head, half-sleepily not realizing at first that Jin was oddly all serious. “You know the way out. See ya…”


“No, Pi, wait! Listen to me, I’m leaving.”


Yamapi stiffened in his next step. He turned back, still not fully awake yet able to concentrate enough to catch there was something untypical about the Jin who was sitting in front of him.


Jin bit his lip, frowning as he realized that once saying those words aloud they would become the locked-in truth. And he had to admit, even if it was only to himself, that he was fucking scared.


“Jin?” Seeing his best friend in a condition like that Yamapi started to be seriously worried about what could have happened to Jin. “What exactly do you mean by leaving?”


He is sending me to America, Pi.”


He didn’t have to name anyone as they both knew more than accurately whose face was hidden behind the said he.


“And there is nothing I can do about it. I have to obey without any protest, he cornered me and I had no other choice…Shit!”


“America?” Pi tried not to sound too excited as he could see Jin wasn’t either. Actually Jin seemed goosy and until then Pi had never thought something could cow down his friend like this. “Like for a trip?”


A bitter smile wringed Jin’s face as the memory of the conversation held the day before in Jimosho came across his mind. “I think he used that word but I feel it more like banishment, though.” Jin took the beer bottle and downed the rest of the salt liquid in one go.


Scratching his head Yamapi slowly crossed the room and sat next to Jin, a concerned smile on his face as he was studying Jin’s expression at close range. “What happened?”


Jin looked up. “That’s a million dollar question,” he sneered tartly, desperately wanting to drink something way stronger than beer to gain strength to go through his situation again while telling Yamapi. He felt the anger of being helpless was once again growing up inside of him. “Seems like some stupid nosy fans couldn’t help themselves and posted photos of me and Kame on the internet –”


“That’s nothing new…”


“We are sort of kissing on them,” Jin muttered with his eyes stuck to his knees as he didn’t want to see Pi’s reaction to those words. “Well, it’s nothing more than a peck-on-cheek kind of kiss, on the stage we are doing those things all the time, right? And the photo is not so clear either. But you, too, know very well what crazy stories fans can make up…”


After months of denying and struggling and persuading himself their first kiss was only a mistake, Jin felt like the happiest man in the world when Kame kissed him on their way from the club. And he still couldn’t believe someone could eventually profane that moment by taking a photo, spreading it on the internet so everybody could see. The picture was everywhere, accompanied by huge and all shining Akame-proof headlines. Not to mention the other picture that JE let disappear somehow…


“But… isn’t it a little out of date? It must be months now since you called me telling me about that. – And I still have bad dreams because of that, you know! –”


“He kissed me two days ago.”




“It happened on the night of Ueda’s birthday celebration. You remember he invited you, too, but you had a date or something? We ended up in a club, drinking a lot and dancing and… – You should have seen Tat-chan’s expression when the stripper appeared! Priceless!” Jin chuckled but soon his face was serious again. “And on our way home there was this drink automat and I was thirsty but it was broken and all I can remember from this point on is Kame standing there and kissing me and –”


“Enough! Jin! Stop!”


Yamapi’s horrified yell returned Jin to the reality. He looked at his friend and saw Yamapi was covering his ears with his hands and his eyes were firmly closed. It took a while before he finally presumed to open them.


“I don’t want my poor innocent straight mind to be poisoned by things like that!” Pi pouted, grinning secretly as he actually didn’t mean what he was saying. Or not completely. “Your dressing room story still haunts me, ne?”


“Sorry,” Jin mumbled.


Pi sighed out, thinking aloud. “So you two kissed and someone took a photo. By your own words not a clear one and actually with nothing too intimate captured on it. What I don’t understand is why is he doing such a fuss about it? KAT-TUN debuted only….what?....six months ago? It’s crazy to send one of the lead vocalists away.” Pi suspiciously narrowed his now not at all sleepy eyes. “Does he want to punish you or something? For not being the good boy he expects us to be? With this only being a pretence?”


“No, it’s not like that though I would love to blame him for everything, and you know that.” Jin shook his head. “This was my choice. He wanted to send Kame over to America primarily but I stopped him offering myself to go instead.” He sighed hardly, raising his eyes and looking for any sign of understanding in his friend’s face. “Pi, you have to understand I couldn’t…couldn’t… can you imagine Kame all alone in that far foreign country? He would have been so lost and distressed… I saw him there, Pi. Back when we went there because of the New York photobook shooting…he was home-sick even though I was there with him! And…and this time…I…”


“So you are going to leave him all alone here instead and go to America by yourself.”


“I’m not afraid.”


“I know you aren’t,” Yamapi laughed. “Actually I think you are curious about to do it, even if only a bit. But correct me if I’m wrong, is it that you’re preventing Kame from being alone by…um…leaving him alone? Not exactly one of your smartest ideas, ne?”


“It’s not the same, Pi! Here he has you and the others. He has KAT-TUN here and I know how much he needs the group and this whole entertainment bedlam. On the other hand I don’t care so much, you know that. So what, I will miss some stupid TV shows, no big deal. And I’m kinda counting on you to take care of him.”


“He is not a child, Jin. He doesn’t need a nanny.”


Jin slightly tilted his body to Yamapi, putting his hand on the other’s shoulder and patting him as a sign of faith. “Do it for me, please, it’s the only thing I’m asking you. Otherwise I won’t be able to get on the plane. He means too much to me, Pi. I need to know he will be alright.”


And Yamapi gave up not wanting to cause Jin more trouble than he already had to deal with. He himself knew very well how hard it was sometimes to do Johnny-san’s bidding without protests as he and his band mates could only watch in silence when Johnny had suspended their friend…


“I will look after him for you, I promise. But… Jin…one more thing… Does Kame know? Did you tell him?”


“NO!” Jin frightened, his eyes wide opened. “And you won’t tell him either, Pi! I was ordered not to say a word to anybody. It’s a secret!”


“But you’ve just told me…”


“My hiatus will be announced in two days and everybody will hate me then since I’m not able to give them any convincing reason or explanation of my sudden decision to go abroad. But I want at least one person to know the truth. I’m not a traitor, Pi. I’m not…”


“Ah, so desu ka,” Yamapi nodded, wistfully gazing at some vague point behind Jin’s head. “Well,” he said after a while of silence, “I really appreciate your best-friend-affection towards me but if you ask for my opinion… you should tell him, Jin. He deserves to know you are not leaving him.”


Jin utterly shook his head.


“He knows I would never do that. I promised him.”


A slight sigh left Yamapi’s lips as he leaned back into the couch and closed his eyes. Soon he felt the depression of the backrest next to him as Jin lay back too, saying nothing more.


And in the following moment of absolute midnight silence, with his best friend sitting half-broken by his side, a sudden thought occurred on Yamapi’s mind. How many promises can a man make before he finds it impossible to keep them all?


Next chapter...
Pinky Promise 4: She Said...


(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-30 10:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*cuddles Jin* *cuddles Kame* I am glad that the letter had the desired effect and they got to talk to each other. I am also very glad that Kame made a move too, so Jin knows that it is not his own projection alone that has caused the situation. And now the banishment....*cuddles Jin* He is right, Kame would not have been happy with being sent away..and Pi is also right in that Jin will enjoy it as well. *sigh* *cuddles them both harder*

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-31 08:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Jin may be a selfish baka sometimes but he always cares about Kame, right? And Pi is good friend, trading off his sleep for listening to Jin.

Hope to see you at the next chap ^^

(no subject)

Date: 2010-07-31 09:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yep, Jin may be selfish but he is coming from a place of caring, which does make a difference. ANd you should see me at the next chapter!

(no subject)

Date: 2010-09-07 06:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
AWW... Sweet sweet Jin. He thinks too much for Kame. :D AWWWW... The part where Jin cares so deeply for Kame = Fluffy!! &hearts The part where he has to go away = Not so fluffy.. :(
Gosh! I'm going through such an emotional rollercoaster! BUAHAHA!
WOAH! Kame initiated the kiss!! WOOT~! *claps claps* Oooo~ How alcohol can do wonders. WOOO!~ XD
Haha, poor Pi. He has to cope with Jin. I would have killed Jin by then if I was him. (because I love my sleep too much) XD
Hehe!~ Sorry if my comments are not very helpful.. HAHAHA! :P

(no subject)

Date: 2010-09-07 08:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your comments are just PERFECT, sweetie! I love to get to know what's on people's minds when they read my fics!

Oh, sorry for the emotional rollercoster ^_^; But it seems I'm expert for writing those...
Yeah, I would kill Jin too for disturbing my sleep ^_^ But then again... if I saw him broken like that on my doorstep I think there would be no help and I would give up my sleep to be a good friend and listen to him... like Pi did here.


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