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Nov. 8th, 2012 04:06 pm
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For a reason unknown for now, lj suspended Rina's comms. We already took the necessary steps to put things back to normal, though it might take a while. For me it means that my fics posted to girigiri_kizuna are unreachable atm.
Apparently, lj decided to make our stay here as comfortable and smooth as possible.
Another theory contains JE having found something that should have stayed secret. /bricked

everything is back to normal :D
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>> [livejournal.com profile] girigiri_kizuna <<

Starting yesterday night today, I'm no longer gonna post my finfiction on this journal. As you might notice, I have been thinking of creating a comm for my works already for a while, and before I had time to make this whole thing work, one of my best friends here, my writing soulmate Rina ([livejournal.com profile] sugar_pain_baby), invited me to share her community with her ♥ 
There was NO WAY I could have said 'no' and the truth is, I'm still all bouncy about the whole moving out and in xD
*insert my endless flailing over her works and how much I love her*

She even re-named the community so it's now a word play on our name squish Gina & Rina (given to us by lovely Jean ([livejournal.com profile] queen_kat_tun) and the first line of Real Face (which makes it even better as it's my most favorite KAT-TUN's song ever! xD), and 'kizuna' refers to Jin and Kazuya who brought me and Rina together ♥
Isn't it just perfect? *____*

If you want to keep reading my works and you are not a member of the comm, please join soon-ish!
I'm gonna transfer all my fics over there when I get some time to do so and they are gonna be locked in the comm for reasons.

If friending this journal was a way for you to keep a track on my writing, feel free to push a button to unfriend me. There's not gonna be anything public anymore.
Staying here means being friends and talking to me.

Note for [livejournal.com profile] slayer_kur: you bitch are not going anywhere because our porn stays here! Capito? LOL

A big thanks to everybody who has found my fanfiction interesting enough to spend time reading it.
There's gonna be a lot more in the future as well and I'm really, REALLY happy I have found a nice warm place for my stories ♥

See ya around!


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