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Two random drabbles written for Peri ([ profile] bellemelody) in the comments over here.
I'm posting them also on my journal as always only because I'm OCD like that.

Title: Never Argue with a Pony when You Meet One
Rating: PG-13

Jin is not the type to be 'seeing things' when drinking too much. In fact, it has never happened to him; unlike Josh, who has already declared to have spotted monkeys hanging down from a stoplight on a crossroad, a lion licking the window of a club they were in back then, an annoying butterfly flicking around his head (this might have been more to annoy Ryo though, as the scene happened soon after KAT-TUN released the video for N.M.P single); the only species seemingly missing in Josh's imaginary collection might be infamous white mice but with the frequency of their nights out and the increasing number of shots Josh is able to pour down his throat, Jin thinks the mice is only a matter of time...

On the other hand, there have never been any animals bothering Jin while going home from a club.

So it's only natural he doesn't understand why there is a white pony right in front of him. Staring at him. Most precisely, a white pony dressed as a geisha - the kimono seems kind of familiar - standing in front of him and STARING AT HIM. Jin chuckles and blinks, sure that this is one of the stories he won't tell anyone to save himself of an eternal mockery from his friends. However, when he opens his eyes again, the pony is still there.

It's so stupid that Jin feels like mocking himself even without his friends' help when he carefully looks around (no one of the passer-bys seems to notice the animal) and follows the pony, staring at the silk swirling around its limbs at every step taken. It really DOES seem familiar, the colors and patterns and Jin goes as far as almost asking the pony - which is, of course, ridiculous because ponies DON'T SPEAK...

Only that this one does.

The animal stops in front of a backdoor in a dark alley street and looks at Jin. "It's time to stop running away, Akanishi Jin."

"It's Jin Akanishi," Jin retorts right away without thinking then blinks as the situation sinks in. He gives the talking pony a dull, confused look but that's when the animal is already nodding at the door. "What?" Jin doesn't get it.

"It's destiny, Akanishi Jin, just open your eyes."

Jin stares at the door then the pony and then back at the door. And finds them slowly opening with a silent creaking sound. It's so weird that not even Josh would be able to set something like this up; and Jin fidgets uncomfortably.

"I'm not going there," Jin pouts.

"You can't run away from it."

Jin tries to take a step away but the pony nudges him and instead of stepping backwards, Jin is pushed right against the dark space of the opened door. The silk rustles around him and he shrieks. "Fuck, you damn horse!"

He gets a smack and there's a light chuckle; Jin's eyelids flutter open and he doesn't remember closing them. He blinks against the bright light around him and meets an amused face of Kamenashi Kazuya. The other is fully dressed in the costume for his next performance - as Jin slowly realizes the room around him is a Tokyo dome dressing room and they are in the middle of the tour.

It's 2009 all over again. Break the Records. KAT-TUN.

"That's not the most polite way to ask for a ride," Kazuya makes a serious, annoyed face but his lips twitch in a smirk. He lays a hand onto Jin's chest and runs it slowly down, keeping a promising eye contact. "But I'm willing to overlook it and give you one once this mess is over. Now, wanna watch me from the backstage?" Kame makes one of those damn sexy twirling moves with his wrist, caresses Jin's face and goes to the door, giving Jin a more than welcome view of his swaying hips.

It's 2009 all over again and Jin is hard only because Kazuya has touched him. And Jin doesn't understand how things could have ever been different. What might have gone wrong, turning him into Jin Akanishi and Kazuya into a distant stranger.

But he is in Tokyo dome now and it's Break the Records; and if it's also a new chance and a way to make things different, better, Jin is going to do everything he can to never have to meet the kimono pony in a dark alley again. This time, he wouldn't need an animal in drag to find his happiness.

Because this time, he is not going to let it slip between his fingers.

.the end

Title: Horny Fic
Rating: PG-13

True love should be unconditional.

If that's the case, then what Jin shares with Kazuya is as far from 'true love' as possible because...

"Again, Akanishi?" Kazuya rolls his eyes, not sparing Jin a second glance. "You DO realize how ridiculous you look with that funny fuzz on your chin, right?"

"I do not," Jin pouts, brings a hand up to his face and touches the slowly growing fluffy beard that he has been so proud of. No matter what Kazuya has ever told him. Why should he...?

"You are taking it away again, aren't you?" The question is more a statement when Kazuya is already busying himself with dinner preparations.

Jin takes a breath to protest then grins; approaches Kazuya and wraps a hand leisurely around the other's waist while the other hand goes up and brushes Kazuya's hair off of his forehead. "If I'm taking down my beard, you are getting yourself horns."

Kazuya stiffens, briskly turns around. Eyes wide and agitated. "This is out of any discussion, Akanishi. Stop with it. I'm NOT going to..."

"Then you better get friends with my facial hair, Kazu-chan," Jin chirps sweetly and nuzzles his chin to Kazuya's nape, making Kazuya shiver.

Kazuya is not really eager to get new friends, the less the funny fluffy hair on Jin's face, so it takes not more than a week and he undertakes the very first plastic surgery in his life. Because despite stupid rumors, Kamenashi Kazuya has NEVER needed a beauty surgery before. He resisted all the pressure around him, only to succumb to a stupid wish of his - now even more stupid - boyfriend. Not to mention that Johnny-san nearly suffered a heart attack when Kazuya informed the boss about his plans.

Kazuya takes all the days off he has gathered throughout the last couple of years of constant work, and a month later there are two small bumps on his forehead, sensitive to touch and mostly hidden behind a fringe. He can't wear a palm hairstyle anymore on public but since he is not the youngest anymore, he can say goodbye to the hairstyle without looking suspicious.
Jin has been by his side the whole time, taking care of him and once Kazuya comes home from the hospital, Jin turns out to be the best nurse Kazuya could wish for. They joke a little about Jin possibly finding the old nurse costume they used once for a show... and the teasing grows into a make out session, Jin's hands roaming all over Kazuya's body, lips showering Kazuya's face with tender kisses.. Then Jin brushes the fringe away and grins, gently touching one and then also the other horn.

Kazuya frowns, waiting for a reaction.


Jin doesn't move, seemingly lost in thoughts about something Kazuya can't decipher. "Jin... what?"

A smirk twitches in a corner of Jin's lips. "Now you are my horny -"
"I am your 'horny' when you are the one pressed against my back and poking me?" Kazuya's amused chuckle tears Jin out of his imagination running wild and it needs a couple of confusion filled moments for Jin to come back to reality.

The reality of him and Kazuya lying in bed, morning sun coming in and illuminating Kazuya's beautiful, still half sleepy face. A bit wrinkled from being pressed into a crumpled pillow sheet, yet with nothing nearly similar to horns anywhere. Jin's eyes unconsciously slip to Kazuya's plane forehead and it's possible that Jin frowns a bit in disappointment because the next moment he feels Kazuya's curious look on him.

But then it's nothing and they kiss each other briefly and Kazuya rolls out of Jin's embrace and gets up to take a shower... where Jin joins him in a couple of moments later.

Later, Kazuya picks a shaving blade and Jin's beard is away in less than a minute under a promise of the whole day spent in bed together.

.the end

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