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Title: The Former Madam Butterfly or What Is Hidden in Akanishi’s Pants

Author: [ profile] gina84
Pairing: Akame
Disclaimer: This didn't happen but Jin's ass says otherwise
Rating: PG-13

Summary: How Jin might did get his tattoo…

A/N: This is what happens when I’m supposed to work on my k_x but instead mess around on twitter with Peri ([ profile] bellemelody) and Tasha ([ profile] isolated_killer)… Short (?? nearly 2K words /bricked), random, and situated into a non-Meisa AU

The room is small and dark and Jin thinks it even stinks. A lot. More than the worst back room of any of the clubs Josh has ever taken him to. More than a dressing room when they finish an all afternoon rehearsal and Taguchi takes off his shoes. More than the garage of Kusano's parents' house a couple of years ago when Kusano invited him and a few other friends and they were trying to smoke weed for the first time. All those smells are forever imprinted in Jin's mind and this place has just brought them up.

He wrinkles his nose and tries not to breathe - which, of course, works only for a moment before his lungs make him gasp. His stomach twists and Jin pouts, turning to a side, drawn by the silent snickering coming from there.

Even without the sounds, it would be obvious that Kazuya is mocking him, and Jin groans.

"I don't like it here. Let's find another place."

The request leaves Kazuya calm and uninterested. He is looking at the wall on his left, covered with photos of different parts of bodies. "It's been the same shuffle in every place we have been to since the morning, Jin. It's almost noon and I'm hungry. We are staying here." Kame turns around to a sound of someone entering the room through the door at the opposite side of the narrow space. It's a young guy who doesn't seem like someone eagerly following the Johnny's, so Kame takes off his shades and slightly bows, elbowing Jin. "Or we can go and you'll continue tomorrow with Josh."

Jin throws him a glance; it almost looks like he was scared by Kame's words just now.

"My schedule doesn't have space for hanging around, remember?" Kazuya smirks and considers the discussion done.

Jin pouts but doesn't protest anymore.

The longer he can go without seeing Josh, the better. For both of them.

A murder of a friend wouldn't be the best promo for Jin's upcoming debut album.

Jin swallows whatever he was about to say, pulls his dark glasses up into his ruffled hair and suspiciously eyes the guy in front of him. The whole place actually looks kind of cool, small and dark and putting out an aura of settings for a movie about the dark sides of Tokyo. Jin can imagine the main character walking in a place like this one to make a dirty business with the owner. They both would be smoking a cigarette and their arms would be embroidered with complicated ornaments. However, the scene doesn't look a half as cool when Jin is the one to get a tattoo himself. Soon.

Before he adjusts his mind back to reality, Kazuya has obviously had a talk with the young artist and pushes confused Jin to the back room.

"Hey!" Jin tries to protest.

Kame rolls his eyes, kind of amused, actually. "Stop squirming." He smacks Jin's ass; ignores the alarmed look the other sends him. It's not like they can act freely like this on public, or anywhere outside their apartments. But this place seems to have witnessed a lot, so Kazuya dares to take a little risk. He needs to keep Jin focused on anything but what is going to happen.

"It's gonna hurt, idiot," Jin hisses, trying to keep his voice as low as not to get heard by the tattoo artist.

"You got yourself a piercing once and this is not any worse," Kazuya counters, pushing Jin to a simple table standing in the middle of the room. "And I promise to spend a lot of time carefully checking it and making sure it heals just right."

Jin's eyes nearly pop out as there is a movement and the tattoo guy is suddenly standing too close, maneuvering Jin to lie down on the table. Jin blinks. He kind of thinks there should be a nice little chat about 'where' and 'what' since the 'why' is more than obvious to him. He is never - ever again - going to make stupid bets with fucking Josh because there is always a 99,9 % chance the asshole cheats.


Jin is lying on his stomach and not knowing what is going on around him - behind him - makes him anxious. He tries to look over his shoulder but then Kame is standing right in front of him, takes Jin's face into his hands and keeps the eye-contact.

"It's gonna be fucking difficult to keep my hands from your ass now, when I'll know what's hidden under the clothes," Kame whispers seductively, giving Jin all the wrong ideas about Kazuya's hands roaming over the molds of Jin's ass and hips and gripping... if the thought lasted a little longer, Jin would be silently moaning by now. However, his imagination is torn by a tug on his waistband and his pants are pulled down.

It's not really an experience Jin has ever wanted to have with anyone else but Kazuya, but as long as Kazuya is here with him, he can try and focus on him. Not on the scary guy moving somewhere behind and above Jin.

"Care to tell me what exactly is going to be hidden there?"

There's a little mischievous twitch in a corner of Kame's lips and Jin knows he should pay it an attention, but it's kind of difficult when someone is rubbing his skin just above his ass, coating it with something wet and cold. Jin really hopes it's antiseptic.

And then Kazuya is back, showing him a simple picture, grinning widely.

"No fucking way!" Jin jerks but is forced down again. All he can do is to look up at Kame, terrified, angry, pleading, all at the same time.

"Way not? It's cute!" Kame cackles, turning the page to look at the picture himself.

"It's not. I'm not going to have fucking Daisy Duck on my ass! Let me choose something else." Jin frowns then, realizing he hasn't really had a word in what was going to happen so far. How the hell did it happen that Kazuya was the one choosing both the picture and the spot where it would be put?

Kame shakes his head. "Sorry. The rules of your stupid bet were clear. You are not allowed to choose. So... we can either go on with this cute little cartoon," Kazuya smirks, "or you can give me your phone and I'll call Josh asking him for his idea about your new tattoo. And I'm not really sure how much would Johnny appreciate you having a skull wrapped in the American flag over your chest." Leaning closer, Kame's lips brush over Jin's ear. "But I can tell you that I wouldn't be excited at all. There's a chance I would even never want to have you shirtless after that..."

"Fuck Josh," Jin grumbles. And since when has been Kazuya so enthusiastically agreeing on everything that Josh says or does? Taking a breath to calm down, Jin gives the situation another thought and tries to approach the topic from a different side. "But why Daisy, Kazuya? Can't I go with a turtle? A nice, tribal tattoo of a turtle? Please?"

"Yeah, because us wearing the same clothes is not enough to draw the attention of every damn fangirl out there. A turtle on your... anywhere on your body would be like an invitation to our bedroom."

Jin knows Kazuya is right.

However, it still doesn't answer his question.

Kazuya doesn't do things just at random after all.

"So you are Daisy?"

"What?" Kame lets out a soft laugh, hands the picture to the tattooist and tenderly pats Jin's hair. "If someone is to be Daisy, it's you." He ignores Jin's sharp intake of breath. "First of all, you look better in a dress. Second, your screaming is more girly than mine. And third - my imitation of Donald is legendary. Deal with it." In a second, Kame brings his hands up to his lips and demonstrates his infamous Donald Duck screeching. "My Donald Duck made it to the national television."

"Shall we start?" a voice asks and Jin twitches at a silent buzzing sound of a tattoo machine.

Jin sees Kame nods and it must be one of those nightmares when one can only helplessly watch from a side how something bad is happening to his dreamy projection, because the tattooist doesn't even wait for Jin's confirmation.

"Shouldn't we consider a nice barbed wire around my ankle then?" Jin tries for the last time. "Everyone saw you imitating the fucking fowl so they will know anyway!"

Kame grins. It's fun how slow Jin can be at times. "At least you won't show your perky ass on a title page again."

"But -"

Jin wants to say he could as well have a turtle there then. He wants to say this is really not the best time and place to have a conversation about his Anan adventure a couple of years ago. - Jin knows Kazuya is only teasing him about this particular matter anyway, because he fucking loves Jin's nude pictures and Jin wouldn't be really surprised if Kame has jerked off while watching them more than once. Which is something Jin will not ask about aloud though. For various reasons.

However, the needle meets Jin's skin and all Jin can let out instead of any further whining is a sharp gasp. The machine keeps tracing the lines of the picture, letting Jin imagine the final result, and all Jin does instead of more arguing is gritting his teeth and not moving.

Kazuya's hand is warm on Jin's forearm, the thumb gently stroking.

And for the first time since Jin lost the fucking bet, having a tattoo doesn't seem all that bad. He lets his mind wander to images of Kazuya and him in bed, the atmosphere light and playful, Kazuya taking his time and exploring every detail of the picture, maybe copying the lines with his tongue... Jin is nearly purring because the tattoo is going to be their little secret (Josh will get to know only as much as that Jin would keep the word and get a tattoo, no details) and Jin is not planning another Anan after all...

Plans though, don't always go the way one would like them to.

And when the whole world gets to see 'SUPER JIN AKANISHI' hanging down from a ceiling in dozens of forms, Josh is the first one to dial Jin's number, laughing for more than an hour after figuring out the whole picture of the little tattoo peeking out from Jin's pants on one of the photos.

Jin lets his friend have his fun, focusing on Kazuya's tongue playing with the slowly healing tattoo instead.

source: weloveikemen@tumblr

source: facebook

.the end

Tattoo, u no real? >> twitter
A sticker from Disneyland? :p

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