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Title: Through the Looking-Glass

Author: [ profile] gina84
Beta: [ profile] karilly
Pairing: Akame
Disclaimer: This was made up. Or maybe not.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Jin’s stalker-ish tendencies? And even the more hopeful part came out bittersweet and angsty; Kari’s words, not mine, but she’s right /bricked

Summary: It’s a late night and a dim light coming through a doorframe falls over a face of a sleeping man. And maybe, the world around is worth waking up into…

A/N: for Nori ([ profile] norilys). She knows why, and because I love her (which is something she knows, too, but it’s nice to get reminded about nice things at times I guess ♥). The title was taken from Lewis Carroll’s novel. A looking-glass can be a way to another world/reality, where even impossible things become possible.

In the world that was created for them, the world presented to thousands of fans out there, the shining world of perfection and untouchable, ideal princes smiling from front pages of magazines; Kazuya comes home late at night. The keys rattle in the lock and once the door opens and he crosses the threshold, Ran-chan welcomes him with low, squeaking sounds of happiness.

Save for her, the apartment is dark and silent. Empty.

In this world, they told him that this is how his life needs to look like. Needs to be like. No exceptions. It’s all sparkles and lights and smiles on the outside, while on the inside, it reminds a lot of the emptiness of Kazuya’s apartment.

He doesn’t think about it anymore; not after all those years of living the life of someone he doesn’t really recognize while looking into a mirror.

It’s past midnight and tomorrow starts early and lasts long; not unlike all the other days. Work is good. Keeps him from thinking. Remembering. Wishing. Kazuya goes through his night routine of drinking a glass of juice, taking a bath – not as long and relaxing as he would like it to be – and applying a moisturizing cream; and dressed in comfy light sweatpants and a tank top, lays down on a sofa in the middle of his dusky living room, turns on a television only to hear something else than the silence all around.

Ran finds a comfortable spot, curls up snuggling up to Kazuya’s chest, feeling the heat radiating from his body.

According to the rules of this world, Kazuya has long fallen asleep when the door of the apartment slowly opens again with a muffled creaking sound, a hand blindly reaches for a switch and the next moment the small entrance foyer is lit up by a gentle light. Jin carefully threads his way to the living room, stops at the doorframe and leans against it. Watches. Motionless, thinking and not thinking at the same time.

The light coming from behind his back falls over the sleeping man lying on the couch, touches the pale skin of his shoulder and the arm loosely thrown over his face so Jin can’t see the tense features, not really relaxed even in his sleep.

Kazuya mumbles in his sleep; the words don’t really make sense – or Jin just doesn’t want them to make one.

He wants to go and brush off the dark, illuminated strands of hair covering Kazuya’s face; however, he doesn’t. He can’t.

In fact, Jin shouldn’t even be here. The keys he is holding tightly in his hand right now are something stolen. Not really his. Yet, despite all the instructions – orders – Jin couldn’t make himself give them back when having been told to do so. Not even later, when Kazuya asked him to, saying it would be easier for them both that way. For Jin though, it’s easier when he can sneak out of his house – his home – and drive over here in the middle of the night, slip into the apartment where he is not welcome anymore and spend some quiet time watching Kazuya sleeping. Easier, and harder; but Jin is used to how good things always come in pairs with the bad ones.

At the beginning, Ran-chan used to welcome him, jumping around and squealing, remembering his scent and how he was always around, but now she never does more than raising her head a bit and looking at the direction of the door. Jin thinks she now turns more to the light disturbing her night rest than to him. And with every secret visit, he becomes more and more a stranger. One day, his key won’t fit into the lock anymore.

Because in this world, the world created for them, Jin doesn’t belong to this place, to Kazuya. He can only watch from across the silent, midnight room and listen to Kazuya’s steady breathing before turning around, quietly locking the door and going back to the life that was chosen for him. The life where he has everything he has ever dreamt of.

Too bad Jin has never dreamt of Kazuya.

He thought he didn’t have to.

credits to the author

In the world they are not allowed to talk about, the world they are hiding – protecting – from everyone, Kazuya comes home late at night. He is tired, but never so much not to bend down and pat Ran-chan who has rushed to the door to greet him. With the excited dog tailing right behind him, Kazuya proceeds to the kitchen, gradually discarding his bag and jacket along the way there.

The apartment is empty. However, it’s only temporary.

A matter of a couple of hours.

It’s still not too late, a few minutes till midnight actually. He still has time to check what can be found in the fridge, grab a bite of something light on his way to the bathroom to enjoy a bath; and once the tiring day is washed off, Kazuya nestles down on a couch in the living room – Ran-chan invites herself up onto the cushions as well and Kazuya chuckles, rubbing her back.

There’s a streetlight coming through the window, drawing bright patterns over the floor; the light melts with the glare coming from the television as Kazuya is watching a baseball match; not so much for fun this time – even though watching a match is always fun –, but more as a preparation for the filming of Going! next week. The green field all over the screen is strangely soothing, soporific perhaps.

Soon, Ran-chan is breathing out heavily in her sleep under his hand.

Kazuya tries to focus on the game; thinking about work, thinking about… stuff, about his Friday off and the plans he has for the day. About a plane that, according to all he knows, should have landed in Narita an hour ago.

He’s asleep before glancing up at the shining numbers of the digital clock standing next to the television.

Sometimes, it’s still a bit difficult to believe but in this secret, hidden world of theirs, Kazuya wakes up into the feeling of a light coming from the foyer and a hand brushing strands of hair off of his face, letting the light flicker behind his closed eyelids. The touch is light, tender. He lets out a soft breath, snuggles up into the pillow under his head; eyelids too heavy to open them.

He moans a sound of acknowledgement of the other’s presence and gets a silent chuckle as a response.

“Just sleep,” Jin whispers, crouching next to the couch and watching Kazuya’s face twitch at his voice. “I won’t go anywhere.” Ran-chan stretches her neck to lick Jin’s hand, and gets a gentle pat. For a second, Jin focuses on her, on how calm and at ease the dog is while he is around, and when his look returns to Kazuya, he meets a pair of drowsy, blinking eyes.

Kazuya mumbles incoherently, still not really awake; and it may be ‘You are here’, as well as ‘Finally’ or ‘Kiss me, damn’, leaving the true meaning up to Jin’s decision and consideration. A moment later, Jin shifts just enough so he is hovering above Kazuya, leans in and presses a kiss to the other’s forehead. – Because despite Kazuya’s cursing, kissing him is still the best option. – The touch makes Kazuya’s eyes flutter close again, a content sigh slipping down his lips.

In their little world – maybe not perfect but as close to perfection as they can wish for – Jin arranges the blanket covering Kazuya, once again rubs Ran-chan’s head and silently stands up, tiredness and a couple of hours of a long flight marking each of his moves. He stops at the door and turns around, leaning against the frame and lost in thoughts, watches the most precious scene in his life. Despite all the difficulties and people saying it wouldn’t be possible, he and Kazuya somehow managed to get it all. To have it all.

To have each other.

Reluctantly, Jin eventually disappears into the bathroom, leaving Kazuya and Ran-chan sleep alone in peace.

He comes back after a quick shower, sits into an armchair to be close to the other despite all the discomfort, and fights his weariness with all his might until it wins over and sleep falls down on him. He is so tired he doesn’t dream that night, beaten completely.

It doesn’t matter though, because the best things in his life are waiting for him in the daylight.

And Jin will always make it a point to come back to them.

-the end-

-omake requested by Carmen ([ profile] slayer_kur)-

It seems like only a couple of minutes have passed when Kazuya wakes up into a smell of strong coffee and a familiar scent of Jin's freshly showered body somewhere close to him. He blinks away the rest of his too-little-of-sleep and finds himself in an awkward, twisted and not really comfortable position on the couch, the blanket wrapped around him, holding his body trapped in the cushions. Ran-chan is curiously watching him from the nearest armchair and Kazuya groans; his back hurts and he silently curses the stupid idea of not dragging himself into the bedroom upon all terms last night.

Then he remembers and everything sinks in.

Last night. Coffee. Jin.

Jin is back.

Kazuya starts up but a hand placed to his chest pins him back against the couch and the next moment Jin's lips are on his, opening Kazuya's mouth and tongues meet, tenderly stroking against each other. Tasting, remembering the never forgotten feeling, welcoming. Jin presses more, partly because the kiss gets urgent and partly because he is losing balance while hovering over Kazuya - yet doesn't want to crash the other.

The kiss tastes like Jin, like Kazuya, like them. Like two weeks spent at the opposite sides of the world. Like longing.

Like a promise of three days together.

Kazuya licks over Jin's bottom lip, grunting in annoyance because Jin is sitting on the blanket and thus prevents Kazuya from pulling his arms out. And Kazuya doesn't want anything but entangle his fingers in Jin's wet hair, hold Jin close until they can't breathe anymore.

Jin's tongue brushes over his again, pokes; and it's here, it's Jin and it's coffee flavored. Kazuya wants more.
More of everything.

Because in this world, he can want more.

And he can, as well, have it.


Thanks for your attention and time :)
I'm doing my best to get over all the angstying... but you know how it goes, they are Akame and if you don't angst them enough, you are doing it wrong (Nori's words, not mine xDD) /bricked

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