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Feb. 6th, 2012 07:44 pm
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Title: Bored
Author: [livejournal.com profile] gina84
Characters: Jin, Reio… hinted Akame
Rating: PG
Warning: nope… maybe too random and written in some 10 minutes?
Summary: A family gathering at the Akanishi’s and Reio is a bit bored…

A/N: Inspired by Reio’s latest tweets and pictures, and by the opening of [livejournal.com profile] jin_fics. Dedicated to Rina ([livejournal.com profile] sugar_pain_baby) as a sort of 'sorry for spamming'… which doesn’t make sense because I’m basically apologizing by spamming some more /bricked

Reio was sitting on the floor of the living room in his parents’ house, not really interested in the talk around him anymore. The dogs kept begging for his attention, poking him and climbing onto his lap every now and then, mostly because it was easier to get to the table from there though.

Family gatherings of any kind were a precious time at the Akanishi’s household, especially with both Reio and Jin traveling a lot lately. It was nice to once again do nothing and let themselves be pampered by Mom like a long time ago when the brothers were still kids and lived at home.

Reio reached for his phone and absentmindedly started checking random web pages as usually, took a few pictures of his surroundings and tweeted them, a picture of his brother included. There wasn't a particular reason to do so, mostly just Reio's way to tease Jin; as teasing Jin was way too easy at times and Reio couldn't wait to see the other's face.

Jin was halfway through his second cigarette and a text-message convo with Shirota when Reio made a rather weird sound, a mix of a gasp and yelp and chuckle; and the next moment a shining display was being pushed right into Jin's face.

"What the fuck?" Jin groaned; his curse, of course, drew attention of the rest of the people in the room and his Mom sent him a reproachful look. No matter how adult her sons were, there were still rules to follow in her house, and ‘no cursing’ was one of them. Jin quickly bowed then turned to his younger brother and hissed in annoyance.

Reio grinned and showed Jin the display on his phone again.

Jin recognized one of his older pictures, taken some time during the promotions for his BANDAGE movie. Purple had never been really 'his' color but stylists had always seemed not to be listening to what he was saying.

"So what?" Jin didn't get what Reio was trying to tell him. There were thousands of his pictures all over the Internet, despite all the poor attempts the jimusho was putting up. So what? Nothing new.

Reio scrolled a little downwards, smirking, and Jin knew something was off.

"Is there anything I should know?" Reio whispered, chuckling. "So far I knew about you and Kazuya but -" Reio stopped the scrolling at some point so Jin could read what was written there, "- since when you and Yu... or you and Nishikido... or..."

"Shut up, Reio!" Jin smacked Reio's head and snatched the other's phone, quickly skimming through the content of the site.

"Jin!" Mrs. Akanishi hissed because no matter what an international star her older son might have been now, he would always be the little boy repeatedly falling down at the backyard of their house while chasing a ball.

Jin blushed. "Sorry Mom but..."

"There's no 'but'!"

Jin bowed again, all squirming and impatient to get out of there. He really, REALLY needed to talk to Kazuya and warn him that there was yet another community for crazy fangirls out there. And he was almost about to dial Kazuya's number when a thought crossed his mind and Jin smirked. With a couple of simple moves he copied the address and sent it to the other in a message, waiting for a reply.

At least Kazuya would see that he was not the only one to have communities dedicated exclusively to him and his excessive fanservice with fucking EVERYBODY around.

Akanishi Jin could have one as well.

His phone started ringing not more than two minutes later and Jin picked it up with a satisfied grin plastered all over his face.

.the end

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