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Title: In the Morning

Author: [ profile] gina84
Pairing: Natsu/Yuuki
Disclaimer: In my dreams I can own anything… otherwise they belong to each other
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Just another morning when Natsu wakes up with a headache…

A/N: So… Peri ([ profile] bellemelody) on twitter: “I want cake!!! I want Natsu!! Please someone make me cake with Natsu!” This came up some fifteen minutes later; only with an ice-cream instead of a cake. As you can guess, the drabble belongs completely to Peri ♥
Lyrics by Razorblade

In the morning
You know you won’t remember a thing
In the morning
You know it’s gonna be alright

A weird taste of mixed alcohol and something sickeningly sweet in his mouth was the last thing Natsu was expecting to wake up into while passing out on the couch last night, dead drunk and completely, blissfully numb for once again. Now, when the morning sun was literally burning its way into the room and there was a familiar, yet not really welcomed weight sitting on Natsu's lap, the guy groaned deep in his sore throat.

Something moved gently over his lips then was pushed in between and a daring finger was smearing more of the sweetness over his tongue.

"Morning," a soft voice greeted him.

Natsu blinked his eyes open to meet a dark, blurry silhouette of the one straddling him, a small pot with an ice-cream in one hand while the other hand was smearing the icy cream over Natsu's stiff face.

"...hat the hell?"

"The hell might be too hot for this yummy ice-cream, don't you think?"

Natsu winced when a newly dipped cream got into contact with him, the touch even colder than the one before, as his body was slowly coming out from sleep and his senses were kicking in.

His head hurt and he could feel the reality taking over again. It was the worst stage of being drunk - getting sober, feeling again. Thinking again.

The other licked the melting cream off of his fingers, making sure to take everything, and them leaned down and pressed his lips against Natsu's, pushing his tongue in and bringing the sweet taste into Natsu's mouth.

"Yu-yuuki, dammit, stop!"


The younger boy shook his head, his lips still attached to Natsu's. He knew Natsu was in no condition to actually put on any serious attempt to push him away. Those mornings were all the same, and Yuuki had already learnt not to mind the grumpy mood Natsu always woke up with. As well as he had learnt to understand the grumpiness - or anything Natsu said at those times - had anything to do with Yuuki's presence or doing.

Natsu grumbled some more but eventually gave up and responded actively to the kiss, tilting his hurting head a little back to give the other a better access. Soon, he had Yuuki lying on the top of him, the ice cream pot having fallen down onto the floor and melting there; their bodies slightly rocking and rubbing against each other.

"No," Yuuki repeated stubbornly. "No. Never."

Natsu bit Yuuki's lower lip then licked over the spot and sighed. "Because you are a little shit." - Yuuki tried to look offended but failed, grinning as if what Natsu had just said was something to be proud of. - "If you had some sense, you would keep away from me," Natsu sighed before pulling the other in for another kiss.

"Luckily, I don't, so you are stick with me for a long time. No matter what you do..."

It wasn't meant as a reproach of any kind, only Natsu felt bad anyway. He always did. Always. "I'll stop, this time for real. Just..."

Yuuki silenced him by placing a finger on Natsu's slightly wobbling lips. "You won't. But it's okay because I can be strong for the both of us."

.the end

Just something random :p
But as always, I want to have it on my lj. To those who took their time and read it anyway, thank you and hope it wasn't a complete waste of time m(_ _)m

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